Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TV's All Time Greatest Theme Songs

Rules for a great theme song:

1. Sets the tone for the show.
2. Rocks.

It's a bonus if the montage during the opening tells a story, and fits the theme as well. Which is why our number one greatest theme song goes to...

1. Angel (right)
The cello is beautiful. The tune is short. The melody says, "This is a show about a lonely man with a bad past saving people." And the montage starts with people who need help, and grows to Angel breaking in and saving the day! Then it ends with Angel walking away alone.
The show itself is a little dull, but the opening credits are a work of art.

The rest are in no particular order.

2. The Simpsons (left)
Written by Danny Elfman, (every Tim Burton and Sam Raimi movie, and "Oingo Boingo,") the tune screams, "This is a lighthearted show with crazy ups and downs," or something. In any case, the tune fits the show, and it rocks.

3. A-Team
You can't listen to this song and not want to go out and kick someone's butt.

4. Spider-man
for obvious reasons.

5. King of the Hill
The song makes me want to dance, and yet it has a kick of hick to it.

6. Jack of All Trades
Just try not to sing along!

7. Gargoyles (right)
This theme song is like unto Angel's, but it's long and has a voice over.

8. The Beverly Hillbillies
And now the song's stuck in your head.

9. Futurama (left)

10. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

11. Duck Tails

12. Tail Spin

13. Gummy Bears (my brother had a Disney Afternoon tape that we used to jump on the trampoline to when we were little.)

14. Batman the Animated Series (right)
Again written by Danny Elfman. This beautiful piece of music is also accompanied by opening credits that tell a story. The story is about two bank robbers who meet Batman and are thwarted. It's also a nice reminder that Batman takes down your average criminals as well as guys who fall in vats of acid.

15. Batman
You can't tell me that song doesn't make you want to shake it.

Now's the part where you tell me which theme songs you think deserve to be on Mr. List.


  1. 30 Rock. Makes you wanna shake your rump but short enough to keep you in your seat.

    Classic Twilight Zone. Unforgettable creepy music.

    Munsters. Doing Danny Elfman before he was born.

    My son would like to nominate the Transformers theme song on robotic voice additions alone. But the song does rock.

    MST3K... Its such a "we're just here to have fun" song. You can't help but love Joel and the bots before the show even starts.

    On the opposite side I would like to nominate Cheers and Firefly. When I watch Cheers I can't skip that opening song fast enough. Its beautiful and poetic the first time you hear it but painfully slow and boring every time after.

    Firefly is just bad. I can't tell if this is supposed to be a good or bad country song. Either way, the audience loses.

    1. I hear you with Cheers and Firefly. Another horrible song is Malcolm in the Middle, and Buffy. I'm with you on the others, especially MST3K. That song is long, but very enjoyable.