Friday, April 5, 2013

RIP Roger Ebert

I'm going to take this moment to comment on why we value critics. Why do you care what critics think? Which critics do you agree with, if any?
As for myself, my entire purpose in writing this blog is to be a bridge between common decent people, and movie-folk. (Movie-folk being the self-important, film majoring, Hollywood a$$#%&#s that vote on the Oscars and write Entertainment Weekly.) I was a film major, I've taken many film classes, (production and study,) and I know a lot about screenwriting. I also was a theater major, and know quite a bit about acting. I also know that a bad film that is enjoyable, is worth something. I know there's a difference between movies I like, and movies that are good. And I know you might agree with me sometimes, all the time, or never. But hopefully, no matter what you think of my critiques, you'll at least have a new viewpoint on a movie you've seen, or a movie you will see. Sometimes I hope I deter you from seeing certain movies all together! (If you haven't seen Batman and Robin, just don't see it!)

So, why do you value critics? Or do you?

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