Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Cruella De Vil Sucks

There was some question as to why I posted in my last blog that I did not like Cruella De Vil. I have ample reason, and I would like to share these reasons with you, my friends.


1. Her name is cheesy.

2. Her arch nemeses are a bunch of puppies. Ooooh, terrifying!

3. She's motivated by vanity, and not even a Ratcliffe kind of vanity that would further her career or position in life, just a teenage kind of vanity where she wants to look good. This makes her motives lamer than just about every other Disney villain.

4. When you come down to it, she's really not even THAT evil. Lots of people kill animals for their coats and skins. She's just evil because the animals she wants to kill are adorable. If the movie was 101 Cows, everyone would be on her side.

5. She smokes and smoking is the worst! The worst, Jer!

6. Her name is cheesy.

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