Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Disney Villains Who Fall and Die

If you haven't noticed, most animated Disney villains die via falling. This works as an easy way to rid the movie of its antagonist, without dirtying the hands of the protagonist... but it happens so often!

We're on to you, Disney!

I'll show you. Let's go through each animated Disney film, (or at least the major ones,) and count the villains that die by falling.

1.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:
The Evil Queen dies by falling down a cliff and having a bolder land on top of her.

Monstro and other villains don't die. Weird.



Again, I don't remember there being a villain besides hunters, and did they die? I somehow doubt all the hunters in the world died at the end of Bambi.

Song of the South:
Unlike you, I've seen this banned-in-the-US movie. However, I believe the bear and fox live.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad:
The villains are quite victorious in these movies. No villains die, and certainly not by falling.

The Stepmother lives. Weak!

Alice in Wonderland:
Just about everybody in this movie is a villain, and none of them die.

Peter Pan:
We might assume that Captain Hook FALLS and is chased then eaten by the crocodile, but we have no proof that he does, in fact, die. Oh well. We'll call this one a close-call!

Lady and the Tramp:
The villain in this movie is the baby sitter and her horrible cats! None of them die, but a rat gets it.

2. Sleeping Beauty:
Prince Phillip throws a sword into Maleficent THEN she falls and dies. I very nearly count this one, since she probably would have lived a little bit longer had it not been for the falling. I think it was the fall that did it.

101 Dalmatians:
Cruella de Vil (my least favorite Disney villain,) doesn't die, but is mocked via song, which might be considered, by some, a fate worse than death... although probably not by many.

The Sword in the Stone:
The villains just bow to Arthur at the end....

The Jungle Book:
The main villain just runs away.... Hm, he's probably the only villain that runs away. How cowardly!

The Aristocats:
Edgar the butler did it! He FALLS into a trunk and is shipped to Timbuktu... that's not quite death.

Robin Hood:
If Prince John dies, he does so by burning. Yikes.

The Rescuers:
We might assume that Madame Medusa will eventually FALL off the boat's smoke stack and be eaten by her crocodiles, but, again, we're not certain this will happen.

The Fox and the Hound:
Isn't society the villain in this one?

The Black Cauldron:
The Horned King is consumed by the cauldron. Hmph.

3. The Great Mouse Detective:
Ratigan FALLS off a clock to his death. Yay!!!

Oliver and Company:
Sykes crashes into a train and FALLS into the Hudson River. It's close, my friends; it's close.

The Little Mermaid:
Ursula is stabbed through the middle by a boat. Woah. Go, Eric.

4. The Rescuers Down Under:
McLeach falls down a waterfall! Score another one for falling!

5. Beauty and the Beast:
Gaston falls off the castle. Woooooo hoo!

Jafar lives.

The Lion King:
Scar is eaten by hyaenas.

A Goofy Movie:
Nobody dies in A Goofy Movie! Come on!

Ratcliffe lives.

Toy Story:
Sid is scared and, ah, he runs away. That's two!

6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame:
Frollo FALLS off the cathedral.

7. Hercules:
Hades FALLS into the River Styx. He doesn't die, but I'm counting it.

Shan Yu dies by FALLING off a roof and being blown up by fireworks. We're not counting it.

A Bug's Life:
Hopper is eaten by a bird.

8. Tarzan:
Clayton dies by FALLING! He gets all twisted up and ends up all hanged. That's a shame.

Fantasia 2000:

Toy Story 2:
Prospector ends up with an over-excited little girl.

I'm not even going to fain interest in this movie.

The Emperor's New Groove:
There's a butt-load of falling at the end, but the evil kitty survives.

Rourke's downfall is propellers. Shame.

Monster's Inc:
No dying.

Lilo and Stitch:
No dying.

Treasure Planet:
Some pirates fall into lava and die... but Silver lives. Too bad.

Finding Nemo:
The little girl doesn't die. Sorry.

The Incredibles:
Propellers take another life!

Is there a villain in Cars? Don't they just drive around the entire time?

9. Enchanted:
We're counting this movie as animated. Get over it.
Narissa FALLS to her death from atop a building.

Oh who remembers!

Auto is disabled.

The Princess and the Frog:
He doesn't fall.

10. Up
Muntz FALLS off the blimp.

11. Tangled:
She FALLS out the window, but she probably would have died anyway. I'm counting it.

Toy Story 3:
Lotso gets attached to the front of a semi.

Wreck it Ralph:
Turbo is killed by a bug.

The evil bear doesn't fall.

Okay, so it may not be MOST, but it's a lot, and I'm sick of it! Well, I'm not really sick of it, I just notice it.


  1. Hey! I just watched Cinderella with my daughter and Lucifer (great name for a cat) falls to his death. Oh yeah, the wicked stepmother lives but that cat died and went to kitty-cat hell.

    1. Oh my heck! You're right!!!!! Another one bites the dust!