Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful

I liked the overall style of the movie. That made the movie different and any movie with a different style is good.

I realize the irony in this statement, but Mila Kunis makes a great little nice witch, but (SPOILER) her bad witch sucks. And I know that in Black Swan her character was the one that was supposed to be a great Black Swan that would totally outdo Portman's Black Swan, but I'm sorry, she's a terrible evil witch. And you know what we say, kids? If you've got a sucky villain, it doesn't help rid the movie of suck!

However, the rest of the cast was delightful. And you must watch for Ted Raimi (who I met! by the way!) and Bruce Campbell who are sure to appear in every Sam Raimi movie!

Another however, I'm sorry. Maybe it was the 101.5 degree fever, but at times I nearly dozed off. Yep. I wanted to super like it, and maybe that was the problem. Okay, maybe it wasn't the problem. Maybe the problem was a lack luster plot, boring characters, no comedy to speak of - no wait. I remember I laughed once, but I forgot why.

Incoming rundown! Spoiler City!

Oz snuggles up to the wrong circus freak and has to ship out. He takes off in his hot air balloon and runs BAM right into Mr. Tornado. Then, well, you'll never guess what happens next. He ends up in Oz. Ah! Then he meets Mila Kunis who is all, "Oh you've arrived! You're the chosen one from the prophesy!"

And he's all, "You're nice and stuff. Smoochy- smoochy." And they smooch and she's all, "Oh, will you make me your queen when you're king?" (She moves super fast. Or maybe Oz girls are easy.)

Then YEARS later they reach the Emerald City and Rachel Weisz is there. She's obviously evil and well, eventually gets Mila to realize Oz is totally not going to marry her. This really pisses her off. Rachel also tells Oz he can't be king until he retrieves the "evil" witch's wand. But this "evil" witch is actually the good witch Glinda. (She says she's the witch of the
South, but Billie Burk said she was the witch of the North! Rest assured ole Boon got to the bottom of this! In the book, Glinda's the witch of the South. They changed it for the movie "The Wizard of Oz," just as they changed the shoes color from silver to ruby.)

So he runs into Glinda and they start a war against the evil The battle is my favorite part.

So, I say watch it, but go ahead and wait for video.

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