Thursday, March 29, 2012

This or That

You asked Boonie, Boonie responded.

Thumbelina or Gentlemen Broncos
This is a hard one. It's been a real long time since I've seen Thumbelina. All I remember were those chickens singing that "Thumbelina" song in the beginning. That is a hilarious memory. Although, Gentlemen Broncos was boring and all over the place. I'm gonna go with Gentlemen Broncos, merely because if I had to watch one of those right now, I'd pick that one.

Land Before Time or All Dog's Go to Heaven
All Dog's Go to Heaven

Enchanted or Princess Bride
Princess Bride

Chicago or Moulin Rouge?
Moulin Rouge

Hunger Games or Twilight?
Hunger Games

Gone With The Wind or Anything Else
Gone With The Wind

Lord of the rings or Harry Potter?
I'd rather READ Harry Potter, and I'd rather WATCH LOTR. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Titanic or Avatar?
Ick. Both are crappy movies but I'll take Titanic because it was less sexual and less obnoxiously preachy.

The Dark Night or Spiderman 2?
I love both, but I'm going with Batman.

Godfather or Goodfellas?
Godfather (to be fair, I've never seen Goodfellas.)

Terminator or Matrix?

Kingkong (2005) or Rise of the planet of the Apes?
I haven't seen Rise, but King Kong was so boring!

Cinderellaman or The Fighter?
I haven't seen either. There's only so much I can take of someone being punched in the face.

Lion King or Toy Story?
Lion King was a better movie. Sorry, it's true!

300 or Troy?
I don't have a preference.

Star Wars or Schindler's List ?
Star Wars. 

Home Alone or Love Actually?
Love Actually, just because Home Alone was... you know, Home Alone.

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