Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, which Snow White movie is going to suck the least?

It might be true; I might have blogged about these new Snow White movies before, but not like this - never like this.

Shall we compare? I think we'd better.

Snow White is played by...
Mirror Mirror: Lily Collins (The Blind Side's Collins)
Huntsman: Kristen Stewart (Twilight's Bella)
Technically, Kristen Stewart is a bigger actress, so Huntsman takes the advantage here.

Mirror Mirror: Julia Roberts
Huntsman: Charlize Theron
Mirror Mirror scores a point due to Julia Roberts' acting-largeness.

Mirror Mirror: Not important
Huntsman: Chris Hemsworth (Thor's Thor)
Huntsman takes the lead.

Previews for Mirror Mirror make the movie look like a bad Disney film from the 80's. Julia Roberts appears to be attempting a comedic performance, while the one line Lily Collins delivers is tired and cornball. And while I'm not sure what's come over Hollywood, or why they've jumped on some strange Snow White train, Snow White and the Huntsman seems to be a darker movie about witch craft, fighting, and... huntsmanery goodness. The most negative aspect of Snow White and the Huntsman, that I can tell, is that it's covered in Kristen Stewartness. Unless they've taught her how to have more than one emotion, or unless she somehow doesn't need to have more than one emotion... I'm thinking back to the animated Disney version and... I can only seem to recall two emotions, sinisterly happy and frightened. **Shrug** Maybe Kristen's up for the challenge.

So, I'll go see Snow White and the Huntsman, but until my blog makes money, and people pay me to see movies, I'm not going to see Mirror Mirror. Heck no. I shan't even Red Box it. You shouldn't have to sit through that kind of crap unless you have kids under twelve.

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