Friday, March 30, 2012

Song Lyrics and Movie Titles

Ever get the feeling the movie you're watching had its title before it had its story or plot? Well, that's what movies named after songs are all about! But which one is the best? You pick.

My Girl
A coming of age story about, wait for a it, a young girl who, wait for it... grows up. To this date, I don't think there has ever been a sadder movie.

Uptown Girl
An heiress, Mrittany Burphy, loses all her money and has to be Fakota Danning's nanny. AHH! And now that song's stuck in my head!!! Is it just me, or does Jilly Boel not really sing like a "downtown boy?"

Pretty Woman
A young man decides to enlist with the Rebel Alliance in order to save the Galaxy.

Only the Lonely 
A... oh wait. I forgot what this movie was about. Was this the one with John Candy that I always get confused with this one? In that case, his life is controlled by an overbearing, manipulative mother.

One Fine Day
I'm not sure I've even seen this movie, and if I have then... it was very forgettable.

Something to Talk About
This movie was about some sort of affair that became everybody's business... or something.

Love Potion Number 9
Sandra Bullock, love potion, and three-way triangles.... What's not to like?

Drive Me Crazy
This is one of those 1990's films where the title has three words in it and has NOTHING to do with the movie. Sabrina the Teenage Witch goes to a dance with her childhood friend and, guess what? it turns out they like each other. Sorry, I spoiled the ending!

Fools Rush In
Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek rush in apparently. This is another one of those three-word-nonsense titles. "Fools Rush In" could describe a number of movies.

Big Girl's Don't Cry
Apparently this is a movie.

Great Balls of Fire
Does this look like the blog of a lady who's seen this movie?

Across the Universe
This could be the title of a movie about a young man who decides to enlist with the Rebel Alliance in order to save the Galaxy... but it's just a movie that has a bunch of Beetles songs in it.

The Last of the Mohicans
Fine. That's not a song. But it's still a good movie, and I bet you're glad I reminded you about it. Ah yeah, I'm thinking about that movie right now. Stay alive, readers. Stay alive. I will find you.

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  1. this just made me laugh. you are so totes ADD, or you were just off your other meds this day....