Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lion King 3D

Adding 3D to old movies is stupid. (It just is, Lucas!) However, seeing The Lion King in theaters again is a treat. I avoid watching this movie because every time I watch it I cry AT LEAST once. But it's such a powerful and amazing story. It's so freakishly well done. However, I would not take my children to see it unless they were five, and even then.... It's scary, it's sad... it's very "adult," (but not in a "Hey there, how you doing?" way.) 

If every movie steals it's plot from one of 5 other stories, then The Lion King  is definitely Hamlet. You can't go wrong with Hamlet. You just can't.

Disney kindly inserted a number of songs in PERFECT areas of the movie to make the movie lighter and less anxiety-inducing. However, Elton John sucks, and most of the songs aren't OMG-I'm-dying good. Oh, they're catchy and stuff, but they're no "Court of Miracles," or "One Song," or "Just Around the River Bend," or even "Under the Sea!" They're just kind of lame, especially "Be Prepared." I was however de-freaking-lighted that they didn't include "The Morning Report," which can be found on a few Lion King DVDs, and I think the Broadway musical. 


  1. I am a firm believer that things are cut for a reason. The Morning Report is a great example. Human Again, from Beauty and the Beast, another good one. My favorite things that should have been cut because it is so awful is the whole Han/Jabba scene in Star Wars. Awful for SO VERY MANY REASONS.

    Haven't decided if we are taking the boy. Great movie, but there is a conversation there that I don't know if I am ready to have!

  2. I've never heard of TMR or HA. Lion King is also a GIANT SIZED (Jungle sized?) rip off of the anime Jungle Emperor.

  3. Don't forget Kimba, The White Lion, Grant. It is practically a remake of that Anime.

  4. OK. My sister cares. Sorry Grant, my bad.

  5. sweet treeball. yeah, same show, GoletaGlenns.