Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chick Flick vrs Fart-Eater

Has my objection to the phrase "chick flick" revealed itself in these posts? I've been known to object to it openly and whenever possible, on Yahoo, at dinner, anywhere. My biggest objection to the term is that males have never had a term to refer to "their stupid movies," before. The major theory of why this abominable happenstance occurs is mainly that these movies need a name. These are the only movies which are made for the female demographic; all other movies are made for men. So, to differentiate, we must have a name for these "women movies."

However, the social connotation is - "chick-flick" = lame, girlie, un-cool, or any other unfortunate synonym. Do you see my problem? There's nothing wrong with Pride and Prejudice (well, at least not the BBC's version.) Just because boys don't like something, doesn't make it lame or un-cool. Yet, somehow, thanks to social binaries, it does. We need a great equalizer. Fairness in all things! Right?

Now, I can't take credit for the term "fart-eater." I have to give that all to Orson Scott Card, and the use of it in this fashion I must give credit to "her P-nutty goodness." (those of you that know her, know who I mean.) "Fart-eater" is an adjective used here to describe a certain type of sense of humor required to enjoy certain movies, or a person found in possession of certain sense of humor. In short, if you're a "fart-eater" it more-or-less means that you enjoy fart jokes, crude humor, and movies like Old School. One might even refer to these types of movies as the male equivalents of the regretfully termed "chick-flicks."

Since I suppose calling men "fart-eaters" is nearly as offensive as calling women "chicks," I'm going to relax my stance and objection to the phrase, (but only somewhat.)

To quote my favorite anime - The Big-O (above) - "We have come to terms."


  1. Fart Eater! That's awesome! I would of suggested fart knocker but fart eater is way better. Way to go P-nutty!

    The whole "chick flick" label doesn't really imply it sucks, that's what we fart-eaters may say because it wasn't written for our audience and we just don't see the entertainment value. If there's not an explosion or car chase every 10 minutes we're bored and thinking of playing video games. I could never honestly say "Pride and Prejudice sucks" because I've never seen it (and hopefully I never will). Once again, its not a bad movie, just not written for me therefore I have no interest in it.

    Admittedly, there are some guys out there who like "chick flicks", those are the kind of guys who are very sensitive and probably enjoy a good cry every now and then. (I can think of 1 or maybe 2).

    I came across this: Here's a complete genre of literature declaring their target audience is female. The big difference here between this and "chick flick" is the title "chick flick" is just a colloquialism while chick lit is a legitimate genre.

    I don't mean to be offensive (and I hope I'm not) but we fart eaters are very clumsy when we step on a land mine. So if I've gone too far or overstepped my bounds please say so.

  2. Oh, trust me, I know all about "chick lit." It infuriates me even more than "chick flick," because it's taken its name from "chick flick," but made an official genre from it. I was searching this agency's website and they had an entire genre for "chick lit." I ground my teeth and thought, "If I wrote a book that fit into that genre, I'd have no choice but to refer to it, at least on said website, as 'chick lit'." THAT, I think, is going too far. Forcing people to use the word "chick" is just... so high school.