Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Blind Side

This is probably the greatest sports movie ever made. Often times sport movies tend to get real cheese-ball, with long 1/2 time speeches, angry wives who are mad at their coach husbands, and an asinine amount of whatever sport they're playing. But this movie doesn't put up with that crap!

Michael Oher is a ward of the state going from friend's house to friend's house, until Sandra Bullock and family take him under their roof. They care for him, set him up at the same private school their daughter goes to, and sign him up for football. Obstacles like the NCAA, and old friends rear their little heads, leaving us with a very satisfying ending. As with The Social Network, this movie is mostly about human relationships, and that's why, as apposed to other sports movies that are about how awesome football is, this movie is so fantastic.

Sandra Bullock is amazing! Her hard-as-nails character is refreshingly brave, honest, good natured, and direct.

Quinton Aaron's Michael Oher was brilliant. He was so lovable I could flatten him out and wear him like a snuggie.

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