Saturday, October 23, 2010


1973, starring Yul Brenner as a robot you hardly see.

This movie can be described with a simple mathematical equation.

Total Recall + Jurassic Park - Plot = Westworld

It was a fun movie, but there was no plot, there wasn't even a story line. You know how when you watch Napoleon Dynamite and you think, "This is just a bunch of funny stuff that happened." Well, when you watch Westworld you might think, "This is just a bunch of kinda cool stuff that happened." Except it wasn't as awesome as Napoleon Dynamite.

The saddest part was when they killed the guy that looked like Christian Bale. "Batman! Noooo!" (But I don't remember why that was the best part. Seems like a weird thing to say.)

All in all, they were a bunch of larpers! LARPERS!

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