Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Social Network

I had my doubts about this movie. I thought, "Wow. Snore-fest 2010." However, from the very first scene I was mesmerized. The characters are so interesting and real. 

What bores us about movies LIKE this is the 2 dimensional characters. This is not an issue with The Social Network.

Justin Timberlake doesn't bother me nearly as much as I'd like him to, (at least in regards to this movie.)

This movie was phenomenal. I'm inclined to say it was one of the better movies I've seen all year. It was less about "Facebook" and more about the social interactions between friends... which, I guess, IS Facebook.

A few friends of mine were saying that The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg (right) was only cast because they couldn't get Michael Cera. While I love Michael Cera, and Arrested Development, I highly doubt this is the case. Michael Cera is a lovable dork, Jesse Eisenberg played a jerky-nerd, and he played it well... really well.

Favorite quote: "It's the Winklevoss's fault!"

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