Sunday, May 24, 2015

Superman Batman: Public Enemies




No. Don't see this movie. It hurts. 

My number one complaint, apart from animated cleavage window, is how Powergirl (right,) is obviously way older than Toyman (below,) but she's somehow a "girl," (despite OBVIOUSLY being a woman....) and he's somehow a "man." I'm gonna need more proof, like a pee-pee window. (Oh, I'm sorry; is that totally inappropriate?)

So Lex is president of the USA, (probably not the worst one we've had either,) and he gets everyone to hate on Superman, but Batman, being smart and all, fights the other super dorks (none of which are well-known, so stop hoping Wonder Woman, Aquaman or hell, even the Green Lantern, show up,) and eventually they get Powergirl to see their side. Pointless fight after fight and boringness and boringness, and at the end ToyMAN has built a rocket that looks like Superman and Batman at the same time. 

Batman does a lot of stupid stuff when in the original 90's cartoon he would have been smarter, and Superman was... also pretty dumb.

And did we already complain about Powergirl? I mean holy cow people. Before they mentioned her name, I thought she was Boobwoman, since that's generally where logos go.... COME ON!


  1. OMG Serious! That's where logos go!!!! Yikes! What age is this aimed at?! That's horrible!

    1. That's my exact question! What age is this aimed at? OBVIOUSLY it's aimed at boys, but I wouldn't say it's for a school-aged boy. But I can't see older boys appreciating it either, because it's so stupid and boring.