Friday, October 18, 2013

The Careers

Now that we've got another Hunger Games installment coming up, let's talk about The Careers.

The Careers are kids from Districts 1, 2, & 4. They train for the Games and volunteer, and look at the competition as a means of providing riches and glory. Usually the winner of the Games comes from one of these Districts.

In The Hunger Games The Careers are...

From District 1: Glimmer & Marvel.
District 1 is the wealthiest of the Districts, and supplies the Capitol with luxuries including wigs and diamonds.
Glimmer is a pretty blond Barbie who operates a bow and arrow, (not as well as Katniss does,) and is killed by Katniss via Tracker Jackers, (mutant yellow jackets.)
Glimmer is portrayed in the film by Because her death is rather early on, we don't see a lot of acting from her, but what we do see pretty much matches what we expected from the book.
Marvel is also killed by Katniss. He's a spear thrower and meets his end after spearing Rue. He is played by . His part is so small that Katniss doesn't even know his name.

From District 2: Clove and Cato.
District 2 is all about masonry.
Clove throws a pretty mean knife, (or a couple of them,) and comes close to killing Katniss a number of times, but eventually is pulled off of her by Thresh, (from District 11,) and is killed. She's played by I like Isabelle. She has a good Clove-look, and her acting is pretty awesome, except when Thresh is slamming her head against the cornucopia; she screams for Cato more like Thresh is tickling her, and less like he's killing her.
Cato is the ring-leader of the pack of Careers, and wields a sword. His casting is near perfect. He looks formidable, but he also looks like a child. He's played by  whose final scene on top the cornucopia is pitiful... in a good way! His hand is shot, by Katniss, then he falls into a pack of mutant dogs and is done away with by the mercy of Katniss's bow.

From District 4:
District 4 supplies the Capitol with fish.
We don't know their names. The boy tribute was killed immediately at the cornucopia blood bath. (In the movie, Cato kills him during that scene.) And the girl was killed by the Tracker Jackers, ie: by Katniss. However, in the movie she is killed when her male counterpart was, by the same hands. I guess they didn't make it into the alliance.

In Catching Fire, things are a little bit different and the tributes have all been in the ring before, making everybody Career material.

From District 4 we have, of course, Finnick Odair, played by The Pirates of the Caribbean's On Stranger Tides' Phillip. He won the 65th Hunger Games, (We're on the 75th. Catch up!) His lady friend is Mags, who won who knows which Hunger Games, and you'll have to see the movie, or heaven forbid, read the book, to learn what happens to either of them.

From District 2 we have Brutus and Enobaria. You'll have to read/watch to learn more about them too.

From District 1 we have a brother and sister team, Cashmere and Gloss. (Gloss is the boy.) I'm not telling what happens to them either.

Which brings me to my own Careers. When my husband and I were directing a play I wrote, we naturally had to have auditions. During said auditions we quickly realized we had two categories of actors: Careers, and the others. No. We're not telling you their names. But they honed their craft, and had deadly accuracy. ;)

If you'd like to see where the districts lie, or where you would be, look no further. (Actually, you may want to look further. There are loads of Panem maps and each one is different. This one claims to be the most accurate.)

It looks like the best part of the country is underwater. Too bad. Although, where I live now survived. Yay! Which brings me to my next question; is District 6 the cow district? No. It's their transportation district. Weird.

The problem with this map, and others like it, is it leaves no room in between the Districts. So, if this is "the most accurate," then I'm guess I'm gonna hold my breath and wait for a better one to come along. Or make one my-frickin'-self.

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