Saturday, October 12, 2013

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

The Problem with Much Ado About Nothing is that I've seen 's version. So, unless you've got an actor better than KWesley Wyndam-Pryce, but you don't, and unless you've got an actress better than  which, I'm sorry Fred' but do I even have to say you're not better than Emma Thompson? Really? - then I'm afraid, your version is just going to fall short.
enneth Branagh which, I'm sorry

While I'm not as avid a fan of  as everyone else in the world seems to be, I thought he was a fine Dogberry... however, not when compared to  who played the role in Kenneth Branagh's version. (Honestly, if you find a movie directed by Branagh, WATCH IT!)

The character I found the most fascinating was 's Don John, the bastard brother of the prince. Sean Maher is known for pretty much nothing, but I found him interesting and full of villainy... or something. Oddly enough, in Branagh's version this part is played by Keanu Reeves of all people. But remember this movie came out in 1993, a year after Keanu was in that Dracula movie, and only two years after he starred as Ted in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Parts were funny. But, I'm afraid, for the most part the movie was a bit dull. Shakespeare aught not to be dull! Shakespeare aught not to be played subtly! Shakespeare, especially comedic Shakespeare, aught to be a little over the top.

It was filmed in 12 days, with... no budget it seems, and I appreciate that they endeavored it, but if I'm going to watch Much Ado About Nothing, I'm going to watch Branagh's.

And, caution if you do watch Wedon's version, it gets a bit racy. It owns up to its PG-13 title. Put the kiddos to bed first.

I liked it better than my husband did. In college my husband played the part of Don John the Prince. So perhaps it's a little dearer to his heart than it is to mine, and therefore he's more affronted by... slight mediocrity.

All right. I am done with thee. Go to, but ere you part, remember, "If we can do this, Cupid is no longer an archer: his glory shall be ours, (in your best Spartan voice:) FOR WE ARE THE ONLY LOVE-GODS!"

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