Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mad Men

Yes, sometimes I post about TV shows. Try not to despair about it.

Recently we got Netflix, (mostly for the Arrested Development,) and so I started watching Mad Men. I had watched the pilot before and turned it off because I felt that it was set in the 60's just so they could be horrible, horrible sexiest and get away with it because, hey, it's the 60's. (Notice how time is never considered when people are bashing The Taming of the Shrew. Give Shakespeare a break now and then. Geez.)

So I watched about 8 or so episodes of it this time and... I had to stop. It bothered me to see so many people smoking, (what a sad era!) and to see all the cheating. It made me feel that everyone cheated on their spouse and that it was this normal thing going on in the 60's, and it was just plain horrible.

I can't recommend this show to anyone.

I remember I wanted to watch it because my costume teacher had said the costumes are way authentic. Ug. Who the crap cares?

Plus I really hate that kid from Angel, and January Jones, (although she didn't bother me so much in this. She really bugged me in that X-Men movie.)

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  1. I really like it for the sets and business but don't reccomend it to Mormons. The sex is really detracting from an otherwise good story. Smoking doesn't bother me but that's because it was normal then and too many of my family do/have smoked.

    January Jones is probably a good actor BUT in this she is a horrible mom and was the worst Emma frost.

    I love angels son! I always call them by their opposite characters names!