Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TV Time

With 30 Rock and The Office calling it quits, I've decided that now's the time for the world to know which TV shows are Boonie's...


Grab hold of your loved ones because we are going for a ride!

In no particular order, these are my top 20 favorite TV shows. Ladies and gentlemen, I, for one, am excited to find out what they are!

1. 30 Rock (above)
2. The Office (below)
3. Once Upon a Time (this show is TERRIBLY cheesy, but I love it.)
4. Friends
5. Seinfeld (AKA: Our older and less attractive Friends)
6. Downton Abbey (two below)
7. Project Runway (right)
8. Arrested Development (below right)
9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10. Xena Warrior Princess
11. My So-Called Life
12. X-Files
13. The Simpsons
14. Batman the Animated Series
15. The IT Crowd
16. Batman (yes, the one from the 60's)
17. King of the Hill
18. Malcolm in the Middle
19. Andy Milonakis
20. X-Men

Quasi Honorable Mentions:
Lost (Didn't watch the last seasons)
24 (Didn't watch the last seasons)
Smallville (Didn't watch the last seasons)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Bob Newhart
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Sweet 16
Cake Shows
Bride Shows
HGTV in general

Sometimes I Watch:
Glee (but it's despicable)

Shows I Loved as a Kid: (Warning, look away if you're concerned about my age)
Rainbow Bright
GI Joe
Land of the Lost
Full House

Show that can Kiss My #%@:
American Idol

And I'll add that I always preferred Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood over Sesame St. What's weird is that I liked Mr. Rogers' better because of the puppet part... meanwhile ALL of Sesame St. was puppets....... spooky.

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  1. batman tas...all your 80s ones. DA is ok, for a british montey python? father ted? faulty towers? I think of sesame street and mr rogers as apples and oranges. loved both, both healthy.