Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jack Reaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Jack Reacher is quite possibly the most boring movie I have ever had the pleasure to sit through... recently. Not only is it that, but it is also predictable, lame, and poorly... everythinged.

The cinematography was over-the-top pretentious, the writing was dull and affected, the characters were uninteresting, the plot was lame and the story was slow.

The script seemed like it was written by a five-year-old, no offense to five-year-olds. The action scenes were pointless and should have been avoided if Jack were really as smart as the writers wanted him to be.

Jack was supposed to be this kind of vigilante, who appears when needed, but he came across more like Mary Poppins.

My husband and I were trying to decide if it was better or worse than Salt. So I'll say this for Jack Reacher, it wasn't AS proud about it's "surprises" as Salt was. It didn't hit you over the head and scream, "Betcha didn't see that coming! Aren't we horribly clever and aren't you terrible stupid?!" Well, it did a little bit.

I'll also say that at least it didn't try to be funny or cute like Mission Impossible II and III. It had bad one-liners but he never said anything about Humpty Dumpty. It tried to be a bit clever with dialog at times, and these times were painful to sit through, but at least I got to feel a sense of superiority. And that's always nice.

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