Friday, November 9, 2012


It's pronounced, "Sky-fall," as in "the sky is falling." Just thought I'd clear that up since the woman in front of us in line asked for tickets to "Snow Fall."

My favorite part was the beginning chase scene. And while I enjoyed the movie, I liked it least of the three Daniel Craig Bond films. (Which puts it above just about everything else that comes out during the rest of the year.) I don't like it when movies talk about how they're has-beens, or when the star is "too old for this," and all that.

Also, if you've seen Taken II you might recognize the rooftops of Istanbul. I think they're better used in this film, when they're being driven on by motorcycles. Although, to be fair, their involvement in Taken II was pretty much the most interesting part of that movie.

Anyway. Movie good. It was filmed beautifully, acted magnificently, and just spectacular cinema. (You have to listen to me because I say "cinema.")


  1. I love that even though it's the worst of the three it's still better than almost all the movies coming out. Yeah, don't just compare it to James Bond movies but all movies. Nice!