Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney's Star Wars

So, you have your misgivings about seeing "the castle" before seeing the ship flying over head? Join the club!

The other club, over at another blog, because I'm not scared at all and I'll tell you why....

1. Non-animated Disney movies no longer suck like they did the 90's, (at least not ALL of them suck like they did.)

2. Lucas's ideas equaled everything that was wrong about the Star Wars universe, so removing him from the picture is only going to benefit us hard-core fans. (Soft-core fans will like anything.)

3. As GoletaGlenns pointed out on Facebook, Disney might make a Star Wars Land at Disneyland! Hopefully it doesn't replace Tomorrowland, but rather they find a different place for it. I'm all for that.

4. The world needs more Star Wars movies. We are nothing without our epic movies! People complain that Brendan Fraser's The Mummy was too much like Indiana Jones. But we need more movies like Indiana Jones! We need more movies like Lord of the Rings! (Which, I guess, is why we're getting 3 Hobbits, instead of two, or, HEAVEN FORBID, one!) Even if these new Star Wars movies suck, you're gonna go see them and have fun in the process.

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  1. I have to disagree. I see no reason to do any more Star Wars movies. Seriously. It just further dilutes the original into something unrecognizeable, kills any sort of meaning the original trilogy held, and they have gotten incrementally less fun with each installment.

    I'll just be happy if they can keep Lucas from messing with the originals any further!