Monday, September 3, 2012

2016: Obama's America

It's rather hard to "critique" a documentary, so I'm just gonna say 2016 was scarier than 2012. It was smart, interesting, and more engaging than most movies I've seen this year, maybe because it's actually important.

Diniseh D'Souza, (above,) an immigrant from India, (who's eerily similar to Obama himself,) dives into Obama's family history, especially his estranged, polygamist, radical, father. He asks the question, what dream does Obama have for the United States? Is it the American Dream? Is it Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream? Or is it Obama Senior's Dream?

The movie brings up major concerns ignored by the media, and estimates that by 2016, if he's re-elected, our national debt will equal over 20 trillion dollars.

I find myself wanting to repeat the entire movie. Just go see it. Even if you find yourself justifying the faults found in the movie, the movie certainly provides interesting topics to think about.

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