Monday, April 16, 2012

The Adventures of TinTin

If you watch "30 Rock," then you might be familiar with what's known as "The Uncanny Valley." It's when a computer animated movie goes from cute and animated to too-life-like and creepy. On the first shot I thought, "Okay. That dude looks a little weird, but what are you gonna do?" Then they showed the obviously computer animated dog, Snowy, and my brain went crazy trying to figure out why the dog would be animated while the people weren't. THEN I realized the people WERE animated and thought about "30 Rock."

But apart from the confusing first few seconds, the movie was really cute. Although, I can't speak for the ending because I fell asleep. It was late LATE Sunday night/Monday morning, and I hadn't had my usual 3 hour Sunday nap that day. I'm thinking of watching the rest on Youtube... someday.

It was PG, but action packed, with a lot of gun shooting. It reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones, if Indiana dressed like a nerd and if Willie was a dog.... Willie should have been a dog! The dog did not talk, by the way. A lot of people had asked me that... or maybe the same person asked me that a couple of times, Estiphone.

The greatest Bond (right) was in it, along with Simon Pegg, who plays identical cops.


  1. But, it is about a dog? See? I knew it.

    1. Hahaha! It's not "about" a dog, it just has a dog in it. A cute dog that's a better character than Willie.

  2. Uncanny valley, still awkward.