Monday, July 19, 2010

Grown Ups (and Americord)

It is my humble opinion that Entertainment Weekly is full of crap.

How does one give "Grown Ups" a B-. Were they watching the same plot-void movie I was?

Sorry, Americord. But a movie's gotta have a plot to get above a C on my list.

As far as plot-challenged movies go, "Grown Ups" was enjoyable and didn't make you wonder, "When on earth are they going to get to a point?"

Meanwhile, Americord made me wish I was never born. I liked Volpina, but hate
d everyone else. I hated the rawness of it, which might be what people like about it. I hated the scene on top of pointless scene. I felt that SOME fans of this movie might just like it because liking it makes them feel smart and artsy.

Maybe I feel I have nothing to prove. Maybe that's why I hate this movie. It's also hard for me to appreciate something so foul and crass.

Netflix "Grown Ups." And only watch "Americord" if you want to punish yourself.

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