Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, I saw the midnight premiere. I actually saw the trilogy starting at 6:45, with Eclipse at midnight.

What I didn't understand were the people who got there at the same time as me, waited in line for Eclipse during Twilight and New Moon, and therefor, didn't get the awesome seats those of us that DID see Twilight and New Moon got.

Anyway, this was easily the best of the 3 Twilight movies. I love Bryce Dallas Howard. I hate Dakota Fanning, and most of the Volturi besides the old dude, and the dude who plays Wesley Snipes on 30 Rock.


  1. Yes, but Bryce Dallas Howard was a little too whiny for me. I liked the old Victoria better. Much more wicked.

  2. Really? I felt that I didn't know her. We were all afraid of some woman named Victoria, but it's someone completely different than that scary woman from the first two movies.

    I love Bryce Dallas Howard, I just wish they were consistent.