Monday, January 5, 2015

Sliding Doors

Here's an oldie but a... movie.

I saw this movie when it was new, and I was young, and I thought the premise was clever, which it is; problem is - oh. my. gosh.

And I might add blarg.

I like John Hannah. You might know him better as Jonathan from The Mummy, (Evie's (Rachel Weisz) brother.) Anyway, I like him.
And that's about it. The 90's were an unfortunate era of Gwyneth Paltrow acting British. In fact, my biggest criticism of this movie is that it should have just been set in New York. Gwyneth Paltrow is much more believable as a New Yorkian.... Actually, maybe San Francisco. I'm not sure anyone would believe she lived in New York either.

Like I said, it's a fun premise, but it's dull. Instead of having a scene where her exboyfriend is talking to his friend somewhere interesting, it's ALWAYS at some stupid bar. ALWAYS. It's like they only had 4 filming locations.

Still interested in seeing it? Okay, let's see. Synopsis. Gwyneth Paltrow's life splits into two dimensions: one where she makes a train, and one where she doesn't. In the life where she makes the train, she catches her live-in boyfriend cheating on her, cuts her hair, meets John Hannah, falls in love, gets a better job, then dies. The other her misses the train, takes an excruciatingly long time finding out her boyfriend's cheating on her, finally dumps him and meets John Hannah. In a nut shell, she takes a real long time doing something that could have taken two days.

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