Monday, December 29, 2014

Into the Woods

Probably one of the best cast movie musicals in a LONG time. Into the Woods doesn't disappoint, and I'm a huge fan of the original.

I think this calls for a character breakdown!

The Witch
Played by Meryl Streep
Sometimes an actress/tor is fantastic in a movie and that carries them through for the rest of their lives. Meryl Streep had a moment in Sophie's Choice and everyone had no choice but to love her for it. But for those of us who have never seen Sophie's Choice we don't care about her acting. She's not BAD, she's just not as amazing as everyone seems to think. Although, I thought she was fine in this. Not my favorite, but not dreaded or the worst and rather pleasant and pleasing. Obviously her vocal talents pale compared to Bernadette Peters', who rocked the role originally. I also dug her costume... And all the costumes really. But it's surprising how well Streep pulls off blue hair.

The Baker
Played by James Corden
I have never heard of this dude before, but his performance was lovable. He and his ghostly father skip one of the most beautiful songs in the musical, but we won't hold that against him.

The Baker's Wife
Played by Meryl Streep's Devil Wears Prada co-star, and one of my favorites, Emily Blunt
Almost made me feel sorry for her as she was cheating on her husband with the prince, she was so vulnerable, and just a wonderful actress. So talented.

Isn't it funny that the biggest star to come out of Twilight is Anna Kendrick? Should have known; I loved her as jealous teen Jessica, and I still love her as Cinderella. I'll probably love her in EVERYTHING!

Cinderella's Prince
Chris Pine! Holy cow. Who knew he was so funny? You might know him best as the new Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movies. I was laughing myself to tears almost every time he was on screen! Hilarious.

Might recognize this kid from the movie musical Les Miserables a few years ago. He was Gavroche. Let's keep this kid around.

Little Red
We'll keep her around too.

Maybe not the most stellar soprano ever, but interesting and fun to watch.

Rapunzel's Prince
Almost as funny as Chris Pine.

Cinderella's Step Mother
Christine something. She starred in Bowfinger and Chicago as well. I love this woman.

Step Sisters
Lucinda, played by Lucy something, was in Dinner for Schmucks. The two step sisters were pretty perfect.

The Wolf
Played by Johnny Depp
The Wolf was the perfect mix of hunger for food and hunger for... ahem, hugs. While Depp isn't the greatest singer in the world, he's not wholly terrible either and always interesting. It was a fun cameo.

Cinderella's Mother
She sang her song a lot lower than originally written, but I liked her and the cool way she came out of the tree.

Jack's Mother
Played by Tracey Ullman
Perfect casting yet again.

The Prince's Stewart
I found him quite interesting. He made an impression even with a moderately small role.

The Giant
Does she look familiar through those trees? Maybe you recognized her playing the half-giant love interest of Hagrid's in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She's supberb in both.

Overall, I had very few complaints. The movie carries the certain "Into the Woods feeling" you get from watching the play or listening to the soundtrack. We bought the soundtrack, actually, which says a lot. I'm excited to own this movie and, let's face it, watch "Agony" over and over.

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