Friday, October 3, 2014


went to the RedBox to rent the newest Transformers, whatever it's called, Age of Extinction, I think, but ended up renting Blended instead. Lately I've been entertained by stupid, easy, has-been-starred movies. Was it exactly the same as Just Deal With It? Yep. But who do I think I am? Am I an edgy film student who can't be bothered with movies that aren't "films?" Maybe I once thought I was, but that was ten years ago. Now I'm the tired mid-thirty-year-old mom who wants a few silly laughs before a ridiculously early bed time. Who has the time or energy to invest in quality filmmaking? Just shut up and watch a dumb, harmless movie. Okay, to be fair I do hate on a lot of movies, when this post kinda reads like I love all of them. But brain-dead Adam Sandler movies at least have comedic moments, when a lot of other movies don't. I just don't take myself too seriously that I can't relax, untwist the "pan ties" (you have to watch the movie to get it) and enjoy a stupid movie every once in awhile... or often.

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