Thursday, March 20, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

My husband and I decided it would be more economical to buy the movies we want, and forgo the movie-going-babysitter-paying experience. Neither of us mind since neither of us like being without our adorable baby.

So, we recently bought Gravity, and you know how that turned out.

Well, today I bought and watched Saving Mr. Banks, another hard-to-watch movie but for an entirely different reason. This movie was hard to watch because the flashbacks were mind-numbingly boring, oh, and so was the rest of the film. All the best parts were in the previews.

I spent the entire movie consumed with distaste for PL Travers's attitude, (although, I agree, throw those wretched pears out the window! "Go swimming, crumbly apples!") Certain things she did cracked me up. Putting Mickey in time-out for example, was funny, and such, but... oh man. The boring in that movie was relentless.

Great performances by everyone, (I even liked Colin Farrel in it!) and it had a very sweet message that WE ALREADY GOT FROM MARY POPPINS, so I say...  worthless, boring, film. So, I'm going to tell you one thing...

JUST. RE-WATCH. MARY. POPPINS. And maybe get on Wikipedia if you want to know all about PL Travers.

The end.

Maybe it would have been better trimmed down.

NOW the end.


  1. I disagree. I thought her attitude was delightful. Maybe that is because I secretly want to treat everyone like that but I know I wouldn't get away with it. I didn't see any previews beforehand, but I think the previews set you up for a different movie than it actually is. And they ruin it. Dan and I went to see this in the theater and I loved it!

    1. The previews definitely set you up for a different movie. And the flashbacks were so depressing! I get mad when a movie is unexpectedly depressing.