Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taken 2, or More Taken, or Taken to the Extreme, or Taken Back, or Taken Again, or Whoopsies! There Goes My Wife

The first Taken was like a really emotionally disturbing Die Hard. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is one of the most disturbing movies ever, that doesn't have an R (or higher) rating. (Close runner up, Watership Down.)

However, that movie had INTEREST. That movie had this old dad dude with spunk, ambition, and good ol' family values. This movie has... well.... The most fascinating part was when the dad and the mom were captured and Mom was bleeding her life away, (oh, spoilers, by the way,) and the dad was chained up and on his cell phone to his teen-aged daughter what was "taken" in the first one, and Kim had to follow orders to find and help her parents. That was interesting! That was frightening because... I have no faith in Kim's abilities. But that was only for part of the movie. The rest of the movie was... snorish. And it started far too slowly. Slow, slow, slow!


  1. yeah, like we don't know they're about to be TAKEN!

  2. I'm glad it didn't have that "Jurassic Park II" moment of, "You didn't make the gymnast team?" Brian Mills could have easily told his daughter, "You failed the driver's test?" after that car chase.