Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

"You're fired." Hahahaha! (I realize I'm quoting "The Apprentice", but I just re-watched A Bug's Life last night and "you're fired" is a lot more hilarious coming from Tuck and Roll.)

Anyway, before I saw the movie I asked someone, "Is The Sorcerer's Apprentice like that part in Fantasia?" The answer I got back was, "No." However, there was one part that was actually a whole lot like Fantasia, and not in a good way. When did Disney go from making movies out of rides to making movies out of parts of other movies?

I'm afraid this movie gives you exactly what you think it's going to... not a whole lot. It's "cute", but not Tangled-cute. And if it's not Tangled-cute, then Boonie can live without it.

Mostly, the movie was predictably predictable, and absent of all cleverness. Worst of all, the movie catered to children. Has Star Wars and Indiana Jones taught us nothing?! Make a movie for adults, make it clean, and children will eat it up! Elf wasn't dumbed down. Are you better than Elf, Sorcerer's Apprentice!? I don't think so!

You know what? Just go see Percy Jackson again.

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