Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I know when we see movies like Inception and The Box, we're not supposed to go away thinking, "That was really cute," but that's the best way for me to describe this movie - It was like Inception and The Box and it was really cute. (Naturally it was a LOT better than The Box. Don't ever see that movie.)

Matt Damon should be in everything, and the fluff over Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman SHOULD be over Emily Blunt, who shone in The Devil Wear's Prada, delighted in Dan in Real Life, and entranced in Gulliver's Travels. I love when people put Terrance Stamp in movies. Quote your favorite Terrance Stamp quote here.

I like this movie because it wasn't depressing, even though the preview tries really hard to make you think it is.


  1. So this is Planet Houston. A very strange surface.

  2. This movie was a major let down. I was expecting some Matrix-y, Inception like movie but instead I was force fed a chick flick. Yes, I said it, A chick flick! It checks off most of the boxes on the chick flick check list. Actress of interest is so-so looking, a dancer, and their love is a forbidden romance. Even though nobody dies, its still a chick flick. We're told what might happen in the future but not really convinced its what will actually happen and since I'm not convinced I'm not concerned. Seems like a waste of a good pseudo sci-fi mechanism (doors, angel-like agents) for love.

    Maybe the book will be better. But I won't know cause I'm not going to read it! I don't care if it was a short story written by Phillip Dick! I'm still not going to read it!

    and yes, Terrance Stamp is awesome but he was underused for someone labeled "The Hammer".

    OK, one positive note, it makes you think about fate vs. free will a little.

    Honestly, I was hoping they would mind wipe Matt Damon and we'd get to see him wondering aimlessly around downtown, banging his head on walls, occasionally muttering out "Matt Damon".