Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movies in the theaters right now!

In my favorite theater in town, the current ticket price is $11.50.

This is the list of shows playing:

Eat, Pray, Love (I don't want to see it.)

The Expendables (Heard it was terrible. Not surprised.)

Inception (Saw it. Blogged it.)

Lottery Ticket (Rental at best.)

Nanny McPhee Returns (Probably a good kid movie but not something I want to dish out $11.50 for. Sorry, Emma Thompson. [But between you and me, Audrey Hepburn can't act. But nobody cares.])

The Other Guys (Saw it. Blogged it.)

Piranha 3D (Rated R.)

Salt (Saw it. Hated it. Blogged it.)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (If I wanted to see a movie trying really hard I'd re-watch Titanic.)

The Switch (I want to see this, but it's probably terrible.)

Vampires Suck (My least favorite movie genre is made-in-3-seconds-spoofs. You'd have to pay me to see this movie.... You'd have to pay me a LOT.)

So here's a trivia question for you, which movie genre is my favorite?

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