Monday, March 8, 2010

Speaking of THE BOX

I hate that movie!

I don't even remember why! But I remember I hated it.

Soromon, with a box, shows up at Cameron Diaz and Cyclop's house. Soromon's all, "We'll give you a million bucks if you push this button. But if you push this button someone you don't know somewhere will die." Cyclop's, while being a rocket scientist, is broke. So, Cameron Diaz pushes the button. So, then we dive (literally) into a bunch of WEIRD WEIRD stuff. No one knows what's going on! People show up who are somehow connected to Soromon. But nothing really happens! THEN something happens to make Cyclop's and Diaz's kid blind and hearing impaired. The parents are told that they can either kill Cameron Diaz and the kid will regain her sight, or their kid can live the rest of their lives blind and deaf. So, they decide to kill Cameron Diaz. And lo and behold, at the EXACT same time the NEXT person pushes the BUTTON! Get it? GET IT? Yes, we all get it, but none of us CARE!

Personally, I think I'd let my child be blind and deaf. It sucks, but it's better than living knowing your mom let your dad shoot her so that you could see and hear.

All in all, it was a stupid movie with weird, pointless visual effects.

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