Friday, February 5, 2010

The Philadelphia Story

I don't like Katherine Hepburn. So, already this movie has one strike against it. But I love James Stewart and Cary Grant! Do these not cross out the fact I hate Katherine Hepburn? Apparently not.

This movie is all over the place. It's a lot like His Girl Friday, (also staring Cary Grant,) but not nearly as good.

The movie starts with Grant choke-hitting his wife, Hepburn. They divorce. Years later she's marrying a nice young man we'll call Mr. Boring. Her dead-beat, alcoholic, loser father appears for the wedding and chews Hepburn out. He blames his adulterous nature on HIS DAUGHTER. He claims if she loved him more, he'd be a better father. And she sobs and apologizes. I'm sorry, but... WHAT?

Then Hepburn gets real drunk and fools around with poor Stewart. It turns out that nothing "serious" happened, but Mr. Boring takes off anyway. And Hepburn turns down poor, hopeful Stewart.

Then Hepburn remarries her first husband, Mr. Abuse, ie: Grant.

This movie should be banned.

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