Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I read the book because a 14 year old said it was her favorite book...

so I wasn't too surprised to not love it. The writing is so awful that at times I wanted to chuck it across the room for being drab. (I guess I've been spoiled by Patrick Rothfuss.) It is SO much like Matched that it's embarrassing,  except Allie Condie is a better writer.

But that's the book, the movie is different... but not much. Movies do not differ much from books the way they used to. If you saw About a Boy and read About a Boy then you can witness that these are almost two completely different stories. Divergent's movie felt more like a different draft of the book that was neither better nor worse.

I liked the actors. Peter, Will and Al looked too much alike, especially for how little they were mentioned.

But who cares? The point is this movie is boring, and the book was boring, and I don't know why I keep wasting my time with it.

I'll probably go see the sequel.

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