Wednesday, June 11, 2014

21 Jump St.

TV, please do a better job editing your movies. I'm looking especially at you FX.

Anyway, some of the editing was choice, like when he called it a "fancy" car instead of... you know. But there was still a lot of stuff that no one in their right minds should be calling TV14.... Well, okay, there was one thing.

Anyway, about the movie. It was fun, and funny. I liked it a lot. I loved 21 Jump St. when I was a kid, and this was surprisingly a decent movie. It could have EASILY been PG13, or shoot, PG, if they trimmed off the fat. It's disappointing when they make movies like this R. It would have gotten a lot more money if teenagers could have gone to see it. And, I mean, it's 21 Jump St! Did you read the part where I wrote I watched it as a KID? Yeah. I know all those who watched it in the 80's are now in their 30's, but... COME ON! Teenagers would love that movie.

Anyway. As it is, I can't recommend it, even the TV14 version.

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