Monday, June 4, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Easily Kristen Stewart's greatest acting achievement, (which isn't saying much,) Snow White and the Huntsman was interesting, entertaining, and pointless. If we were to determine Snow White the protagonist, we would have to agree that she does not go through a heroes' journey. She doesn't even have a drive until the end. While I "like" the film, it had no substance to it, did not teach me any great value, and did not make any point whatsoever. At one moment I thought they were going for a Christ allegory, but if they were... it was done in a purposeless way. No, this movie's greatest accomplishment was making me afraid of  Charlize Theron.

Perhaps the point of the movie was lost in its absence of character development. There was a little development; I liked the characters, I just didn't know who they were as people. I didn't get to know them.

It was also as if they wanted to stay away from the theme of "true love conquering all." Again, a movie wants to gain a new audience, (males,) so it drives away its core audience, (ladies,) by stripping itself of what made it great in the first place, (ROMANCE!) I'm sorry guys, but if you can't stomach a little romance in an action-pact, Chris Hemsworth movie, then... you're doomed to see a lot of sloppy movies.

Although, it was enjoyable. I might buy it when it comes out, but it'll be one of those DVDs in my case that I own but never watch.

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  1. If they are trying to attract a new male audience they need a different protag. when was the last time you heard a guy talk about how hot that girl from Twilight was?