Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry Potter and the Book that Sucked: Part 1

So, I love Harry Potter. I love books 1-4 and 6. 5 was boring, 7 was awful. AWFUL! Why you ask? Because it was a cop-out horrible ending, and a boring book... a boring book so boring that it was more boring than book 5. Plus, JK Rowling, way to kill off ALL of my favorite characters! (SPOILER- Serius, [albeit, he died in book 5... darn that book 5.] Fred Weasley, [the funnier of the Weasley twins.] and Bellatrix Lestrange, [WHO, by the way, I was thinking should be cast as Helena Bonham-Carter and then WAS.])

So, I'm curious to see how crap-tastic this movie is. Will it be as bad as the book? It's not like any of these movies are better than their book counterparts....

The good thing is is that I've only read this book once, and don't remember it entirely well, so the little things that happen will surprise me.

Cross fingers! Please, don't suck!

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  1. They also kill Kreature, which I feel is an unnecessary stab at me.